Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Christmas Coloring Pages Are Here!

We’ve got a few more free printable Christmas coloring pages. Don’t you just love Christmas? I do. If it wasn’t for all the darn shopping, it would be my favourite time of the year, period.

That’s why I’m sure you are happy to find out that all the Christmas coloring pages on this site are totally Free. As in download and print and that’s it.

I’m assuming you are already stocked up on pencils and crayons.

Now just check out these Snowmen Coloring Pages! Aren’t they the cutest you’ve ever seen?

Of course the question is – they are white, so how do kids color them?

Simple – print them on a colored paper! And then you can use white crayons. Also, when Christmas scenes are printed on blue paper kids love drawing snowflakes all around. Ads a nice touch of composition to the picture :)

Feel free to edit these pages. For example, if you download a number of printables and then lay them out on your computer screen using some basic editor program (even Word or Power Point will do), you can put all the Snowmen together, for a friendlier Christmas :)

And don’t forget about the educational value! Help your child develop observational and interaction skills. Ask questions such as “Where is the snowman going”? “Why is he wearing a hat?” “What kind of weather do we have in winter? – answer: cold, freezing, chilly, snowy, blizzardy, etc…” The more descriptive you get, the better. Don’t be afraid to be silly: “Snowmen is wearing a hat because Santa told him :)” Kids love that kind of thing…

So have fun, and we’ll work on bringing you even more free Christmas printables

Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome To Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas is coming and all the kids are getting excited. And you just know they will be bugging you for Christmas coloring pages. So I'm going to help you. On this blog I'm planning to upload free printable Christmas coloring pages. Stay tuned. Really high quality pictures are coming your way in no time!